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How can you support us?

Beauty 4 Ashes, International

Our partners include social service providers, job training programs, employment agencies, educational institutions, and centers serving women in need throughout the DC Metro Region

Equip women in need in our community on their path to financial independence by providing them with professional attire, coaching, and skills training.  

Get Involved

  • Make a tax-deductible monetary donation

  • Make a donation of clean, professional interview appropriate clothing, shoes, gently used jewelry, unused/ unopened make-up, hair products, etc.

  • Donate gift cards to local salons or provide free hair styling and make-up services.

  • Volunteer your time performing administrative functions, such as, coordinating appointments, soliciting donations from individuals and corporate donors, typing documents, etc.

  • Offer marketing, accounting, public relations, legal, grant-writing and management services.

  • Organize a fundraising event such as, running a suit drive at your company or church, hosting a dinner or social event to benefit Beauty 4 Ashes,International etc.

  • Conduct career development, interviewing workshops,social etiquette, self esteem workshops and seminars, resume review and feedback, etc.

  • Provide Pro-Bono Coaching Sessions to B4A Clients 

  • Volunteer services mentoring B4A clients or facilitating workshops

  • Participate in Podcast interviews by sharing your expertise on various topics

Mentors & Coaches 

Women and Young women are in need of mentors and coaches in order to gain the proper skills, learn how to build a professional network, access to role models, inclusion and affirmation and success professionally and personally . For  women, particularly younger women, mentors can play an integral role in the trajectory of  the selection of their career path and potential success in those chosen fields. According to research, women mentors are more likely to be successful than those without. A mentor provides professional guidance and shares knowledge and advice with their mentee. 

Coaches  are needed to  help our clients unleash the passion and power they need to become their most courageous self. Coaches can also help our clients increase their confidence, have greater interpersonal effectiveness, remove blind spots, increase self esteem, leadership presence, etc.

Our partners include social service providers, job training programs, housing authorities, local colleges universities and high schools,employment agencies and organizations that focus on  serving women 

Our Partners 

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:



Make a tax deductible donation‏.


It's easy to donate offline too.


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