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Jacquelyn (Jackie) Clark Johnson resides in High Point, North Carolina . She is the Executive Director for Beauty 4 Ashes International , a 501(c) 3 non profit organization that coaches and mentors women from all walks of life. She has a heart for women and believes that we are all created to walk in wholeness. Jacquelyn possesses a passion for speaking life to women, building their self-esteem and confidence, mentoring and empowering them to live a life of abundance and wholeness. Jackie is skilled in helping women transform their life from where they are to where they want to be in their life, career , relationships, and spirituality. Jacquelyn offers guidance and encouragement to  women across the country who value her as a trusted coach, mentor and confidant.Jackie is referred to as a Fire-starter. The one that is called to spark that flame or ember on the inside of those she meets. She often shares authentically from a wealth of personal and professional  experiences, realizing that through her own authenticity and transparency that often cultivates healing and growth in others. She is a champion for women . Her desire is for every woman to Arise from their place of desolation (Ashes), make the necessary changes to Transform into the person they were created to Become. ( Isaiah 61:3)
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 The Human Resources & Career Strategist:

Professionally,  Jacquelyn Johnson is a Senior Certified Human Resources Professional and HR  Business Partner. She has over 30 years of management, human resources and leadership experience. Jacquelyn earned a BA degree in Accounting from Bennett College and a Master of Science Degree in Human Resources Counseling (Business & Industry) from NC A&T State University. Jacquelyn has a wealth of experience working  for Fortune 500 companies in the areas of human resources, leadership development , talent management, employee engagement, succession planning,  recruitment and retention, training and development and executive coaching. 

The "Fire-Starter" Transformational Coach :

Jacquelyn is also the owner of Breaking Point Coaching. She believes that life is a journey that requires some to partner with a coach to help them make significant progress with their goals. She helps individuals focus on their present life to break barriers, overcome obstacles and make any necessary adjustments (big or small).She helps her clients move forward with realizing positive goals in their personal and professional life. She helps them determine what they really want in life and assist them in putting together actions to work towards positive outcomes. Although she specializes in helping women she avails her services to both men and women in the areas of life,career and spiritual coaching. She empowers women to defeat the impostor syndrome and  fear. Jacquelyn also partners with organizations, individual clients and women of color to strengthen leadership capability and cultivate relationships that enhance a leader’s ability to influence, collaborate,motivate, and lead. She is a Certified Professional Coach through the iPEC organization.


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